Google Fonts mirror


As you may already know, CDNs like Google Fonts are a great tool to track users across the whole web. This inspired the creation of tools like Decentraleyes, which help reduce the power of this tools.

I do not want to contribute to this issue, so I've decided to host a mirror of the Google Fonts binaries. This allows me and others to re-decentralize the web and to not rely on random services provided by big-tech ™ that can be shut down at anytime.


You can use GFonts Mirror Interface to generate your CSS file from Google Fonts links!

Usage example


I'm not interested in anyone's data (I have enough trying to manage my own). After some DoS attacks, I've started collecting IP addresses, but they are auto-deleted after three days.

My setup is the following:


Even though this is a service that I frequently use and maintain, I cannot provide any kind of warranty and I shall not be liable for any claims of damages or any other liability.


You can find my contact information at (English version)